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4 Myths About Air Duct Cleaning

The air duct is a critical element of your home’s air conditioning. It is a pipe usually made of fiberglass, flexible plastics, or metals installed in your house to ease both the outside and the inside flow of air. These are available in different shapes depending on how the ducts will be rooted within your home to sufficiently disperse and return conditioned air. However, if you notice disruptions in your HVAC or are not properly maintained over time, it may be calling out for an appropriate duct cleaning service. Air duct cleaning is a significant way to maintain and ensure the smooth functioning of your HVAC system.

Here we are debunking the top four myths about air duct cleaning to help you better understand its worth:

Myth 1. Air duct cleaning involves hazardous chemicals

One of the greatest myths about air duct cleaning involves harsh chemicals that can disrupt the healthy living of your loved ones. As much as it is acceptable to feel concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your family, it is equally important to gain full awareness about the process and performance of air ducts. You can always instruct your air duct cleaning expert to use only non-chemical products to ensure a completely safe atmosphere. It is also an effective solution against mold growth. 

Myth 2. The air duct doesn’t get dirty

One of the prevailing myths about air duct cleaning is people believe that it does not get dirty. However, this is far from reality. Apart from being prone to dirt, dust, pollen, rodents, and insects can also dwell in your ducting system if left neglected. Therefore, it is a good thought to get your ducts inspected and cleaned along with your overall HVAC system to ensure an effective lifespan and smooth functioning of your HVAC and air duct system.

Myth 3. The air duct doesn’t affect the quality of airflow

Many homeowners tend to believe that their ducting system does not affect the airflow quality within the house. This misconception often leads to health problems since dirt accumulated ducts are more likely to cause chronic or respiratory diseases, including flu, asthma, headaches, sinus, or even severe other lung problems. Furthermore, even if you have filters installed in your ducts, they will still be subject to pollen, dirt, and other harmful particles that come along with the air, necessitating the need for air duct cleaning. 

Myth 4. Ducts only get dirty when the AC is used

Ducts only get dirty when the AC is working is a common fallacy that frequently misleads homeowners to believe their ducts will become dirty if they use their air conditioning system. However, this is far from reality, as various types of forced air systems can enter into the duct and contaminate them. Furthermore, ducts utilized for ventilation or heating are prone to dirt regardless of the nature of airflow. Therefore, if you notice your duct system getting dirty, it is imperative to contact a reputable duct cleaning expert. 

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