Air Quality Inspection

How to Test The Air Quality in Your Home

The air we breathe can have significant effects on our health. Dirty ducts of our HVAC systems can bring in pollutants that can harm us. Especially if you have infants, elderly, or allergic people in your family, it becomes essential to keep indoor air clean of molds, dust, pollens, and other allergens and pollutants. It is critical to ensure the safety and quality of the air in your home. 

Below, we list a few ways you can test the air quality in your home. 

Method #1- Invest in an Air Quality Monitor: An inexpensive way of measuring the air quality in your home is by purchasing an air quality monitor. These monitors not only check the air quality regularly but also log them so you have a complete report. You can then take specific steps to eliminate any pollutants from your home. They are also extremely sensitive to their parameters and will not detect pet hairs in the air if you have any at your place. Make sure that your air quality monitor can measure the following effectively-

  • Humidity and temperature for potential mold growth
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) to detect pollutants from under-construction areas
  • Particulate Matter (PM) levels of at least 2.5 PM which is WHO-approved pollutant measure for allergens
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) to determine health risks associated with pollution used by the EPA

Method #2- Notice the Observable Signs of Mold Growth: Mold is the major air pollutants of any indoor and outdoor space. While most are present as suspended spores, if the conditions are suitable, they grow very rapidly. They can then cause health risks, and grow on food, and even cause food poisoning. Fortunately, it is easy to search for their presence in your home. If you have a musty smell in your house even after an intense cleaning session, it is possibly because of mold growth. Drywall patches are also a sign of mold. 

Method #3- Use Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas emitted by combustion of organic fuels such as coal, wood, oil, and propane furnaces and stovetops. Carbon monoxide has higher efficiency to combine with our blood haemoglobin when present in saturating amounts. It is also extremely harmful to our health and needs to be detected and removed as quickly as possible.

Method #4- Regularly Check the Health of Your Family: If your family members have started showing some new signs of allergies and health symptoms, the culprit is probably the air. However, you may want to consider the place as well as the time these symptoms show up at, as it can be caused by outside environments too.

Method #5- Call a Professional to Check Air Quality: You can clean your filters and ducts. But for intense cleaning, you may want to call a professional who will clean your entire house including vents and ducts, and restore the air quality to optimum levels.

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