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How To Determine If The Air Duct Cleaning Was Effective?

A thorough air duct cleaning reduces the bacteria, allergens, debris, and other particles that lead to respiratory allergies or general illness. A typical air duct cleaning involves cleaning of various components of your house’s forced-air system, including supply and returns air ducts, registers, grilles and diffusers, blower motor and housing, heat exchanger, evaporator coil, and drain pan. Since the vents are placed above the ceiling or behind the walls, the only way to effectively clean is by using a high-powered, truck-mounted vacuum and compression system. However, if you are thinking of a way to examine the work done by your duct cleaner then, here’s how you can ensure that you have invested in an effective air duct cleaning:

Duct cleaning process

You can immediately pick out the inefficient air duct cleaning based on the process followed by your duct cleaner or the information given by them. When choosing your potential duct cleaners, ask what kind of tools and cleaners they will use during the process. A reputable HVAC cleaning company will only use optimum-functioning vacuum systems and will also have a list of satisfied clients 

Duct interior

To examine whether your air duct cleaner followed an effective cleaning process:

  • Select a return and supply register in your home.
  • Remove the cover and use a torch or flashlight to inspect the inside of your duct vent.
  • Check if you can still notice any dust and debris inside the vent.

If yes then, your duct cleaners were not thorough enough. 

Vent covers

The procedure of duct cleaning involves removing, cleaning, replacing every register cover in your home. Therefore, if you notice dirt, dust, or other unwanted particles on the registers then, this signifies that your duct cleaner did not adequately clean your ducts. 

Access doors

A conventional air duct cleaning process essentially requires technicians to pierce a small hole in the ductwork placed near your furnace. Once the cleaning is completed, make sure that your duct cleaner covers this hole and seals it completely. However, while examining the cleaning process, if you notice no hole sign in your ductwork, there are high chances of finding dirt and dust in your duct. Furthermore, if the hole was carved but not appropriately locked then, it will lead to the wastage of money and other resources every time you turn on your HVAC system. 

A/c and furnace

Lastly, always remember to make sure that your A/C and furnace are still working effectively. If you notice any improper functioning or damage, contact your duct cleaning company and ask them to immediately repair the damages. 

Point to remember

A proper and effective air duct cleaning will pass all the inspections outlined above. For better service and assistance, it is recommended to hire a reputable and well-experienced duct cleaning company. They will not only successfully clean your HVAC system but will also ensure your peace of mind. 

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