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5 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Clean air is a significant factor in people’s health. Unfortunately, the regular use of ducting systems in our houses makes them dirty, resulting in unclean air. The unhealthy air can produce many allergic reactions or pave the way to more dangerous health issues. It is critical to maintain the ducting channels in your house and clean them regularly, especially before every season, for the health of your family and your appliances.

Benefits of Clean Ducts

  1. Fresher and cleaner air,
  2. Better health,
  3. Better living environment,
  4. Improved HVAC System efficiency,
  5. Removes unpleasant odors,
  6. Reduces allergens,
  7. Reduces energy costs,
  8. Removes molds and spores

When to Clean Your Air Ducts?

Many factors make it significant to get your air ducts cleaned, like regular smoke, pets, and dusty outdoors.

  • Foul Odor: When you smell an unpleasant odor in your home and cannot find the source, it probably is from the dirty ducts. The HVAC system circulates air from every vent in the house and can give away a foul smell to the whole place. The odor is unwelcoming and may be caused due to mold growth or pest infestation. It is essential to get your channels cleaned by a professional to remove the source of the smell.
  • Dust in your house: If you frequently observe that the surfaces in your home get dusty even after cleaning, this is a telltale sign that you need to check your vents. You can check further by removing the duct cover and looking inside the duct for dust and dirt. Additionally, you can fix an air purifier in your house and frequently change the vent filters to keep the ducts clean from the pollutants. A clean environment helps maintain a proper check on everyone’s health in the house and avoids frequent infections and diseases.
  • Repair and renovation: If you had any renovation or major repairing work done in your house, the dust might have settled into the vents. Although the builders always take care to cover the vent openings, dust can still easily go into them. Clean your channels entirely before starting the equipment attached to the ducts to avoid damaging them.
  • Higher energy bills: You always know how much your energy bills are for every month. Dirty ducts make your home’s appliances and HVAC system absorb more energy because they need to work harder to maintain the temperatures around your house. Dirty vents reduce the efficiency of your appliances, cause costly damages, and increase your energy bills.
  • Never got your ducts cleaned: Even after regular use of your ducts, if you haven’t gotten them cleaned in a long time or you can’t remember when you maintained them the last time, you should definitely get them cleaned as soon as possible. There are always pollutants, hair from your pets, and allergens floating in the air that can make their way into the vents. It is advised to get your ducts maintained regularly to keep them clean from all the contaminants.

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